A Reflection for Thanksgiving

A Reflection for Thanksgiving

Last Thursday and Friday, UCC members sat at a table out in the courtyard inviting passing students to fill out a card sharing what they were thankful for.  Family members of those students will be pleased to know that the huge preponderance of those cards list family first… then friends… and students were often thankful for the opportunity to express themselves.  UCC member, Paul Hilgers, blurted out to several of those filling out cards at one moment during his shift,


“Doesn’t it just feel great to be thankful!”


It does feel great to be thankful.

Martin Copenhaver reminds us that Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” We may hear it say, “Where your heart is, there will your treasure be also.”[i]


“That would make sense to us, because much of the time our dollars follow our heart’s lead. We give to what matters to us. But that isn’t what Jesus said….”


Jesus is speaking a different truth: Give and spend where you want your heart to be, and then let your heart catch up.  Give to the things you want to grow into caring about. Ask yourself, “If I were to become the kind of person I want to grow into… how would I act?  How would I prioritize my spending?”


Put your treasure where you want your heart to be found. And if you do, Jesus says, your heart will go there.

If you want to care more about the kind of clothes you wear, then buy the best, treat the clothes with the gentlest care.  If you want to care about your bank balance then cut your expenses, monitor your spending, squeeze every penny. But if you want to grow in your relationship to God, then bring an offering to God. Wherever your treasure is, your heart is sure to follow…


It may not begin with an easy flow of gracious gratitude. It may begin slowly… by practicing thanksgiving every day and seeking opportunities to do so in every circumstance.


Those whose lives are marked with gratitude, infused with thankfulness, join in the echo of grace and receive a particular blessing reserved for them.

They will exclaim, “Doesn’t it just feel great to be thankful!”

They are made well. They are made whole.

May this be so, for you and me!


[1] Room to Grow: Meditations on Trying to Live as a Christian