Apr 2016

The liturgical year offers us a sense of emotional and spiritual timing in ways that the secular calendar simply cannot. From the reserved, introspective time of Lent to the boisterous celebrations of Easter, the anticipation of Advent and the peaceful joy of Christmas, the church calendar gives us intentional time throughout the year to live into the full gamut of emotions and feelings that we will likely be confronted with in our daily lives. Learning to mourn on Maundy Thursday each year can help us learn to mourn when tragedy strikes in......

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Jan 2016

Mighty LORD, we cry out to You with our fear and confusion. With our anger and our rage, our sporadic bursts of tears, with our numb silence, and in the hugs that we cling to as if letting go were to be letting go our only sense of gravity. We cry, God, and we sit in our confusion and get frustrated that we do not understand. We fear that there may not be anything we can understand. We cannot control our world, or the people we love. And when they hurt, God,......

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Dec 2015

According to the Baluba People of Africa and our Gut Flora, “Yes.” Christians and Muslims worship the same God (just as do the Baluba peoples of Africa). This brief post is centered on proving that true, and exploring why that is important to Christian theology. Aristotle begins his metaphysics with the assertion that “all men desire to know.” Innately, there is a sense of needing to move from less understanding to more – though we may get caught up in the particulars of what it means “to know,” and how one does that,......

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Dec 2014

Today (Dec. 4, 2014) a Staten Island grand jury found no reasonable evidence to indict Daniel Pantaleo, a police office, for the death of Eric Garner, a resident of NYC. Pantaleo is shown on camera (the recorder of which was indicted, for the record) putting Eric in a chokehold – which is expressly prohibited by the New York City Police Department which hired and trained him. As Eric was brought to the ground, with his hands raised in surrender, he managed to shout, “I can’t breathe,” before passing out and eventually dying. You......

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