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Jan 2018
Changing our Pews: Access and Worship

If you have ventured into the University Christian sanctuary over the past few months, you may have recognized that a few pews have lost a bit of weight. Specifically, four of our pews were cut by 36 inches each to ensure that any person who used a wheelchair could fully participate in the service. In the past, a person using a wheelchair had a few options. For starters, if they used the chair but could shift into a different seat, they could navigate out of their chair and around the side of......

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Apr 2016

The liturgical year offers us a sense of emotional and spiritual timing in ways that the secular calendar simply cannot. From the reserved, introspective time of Lent to the boisterous celebrations of Easter, the anticipation of Advent and the peaceful joy of Christmas, the church calendar gives us intentional time throughout the year to live into the full gamut of emotions and feelings that we will likely be confronted with in our daily lives. Learning to mourn on Maundy Thursday each year can help us learn to mourn when tragedy strikes in......

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