Jul 2017
A group of Japanese protestors walk and push wheelchairs in a wide file down the street while several hold a large yellow banner.

What happens when we forget? What happens when we refuse to acknowledge pain and struggle and heartache and loss? What happens when we lose track of those who weep, when we turn away from those who cry out, when we forsake those who display their wounds in public? One year ago today, a group home for adults with significant disabilities was attacked by a lone terrorist. Before breaking in and murdering 19 residents, Satoshi Uematsu (a former caretaker in the facility) wrote a manifesto condemning the service and care of those with......

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Jan 2017

It’s true, I’m just not on Shakira’s level, I suppose. What I mean by this is that I’ve had some gnarly hip pain on several of my training runs, dating back before Christmas. It’s been really disheartening to cut runs short, cut back on my weekly mileage, and to watch my times slowly creep back up. I think I’ve managed to move past it with a regimen of stretching, strength-building, yoga, and rest, but hip pain belies an unfortunate truth when it comes to running a marathon – I’ve never done this......

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