A Litany for Mother’s Day

A Litany for Mother's Day

When I think of worship and Mother’s Day, I’m instantly transported back to a time when I’m about 5 years old and the hymns in church are sung.  I stand as high as my mother’s waistline and the soundtrack of the memory is not the whole of the congregation’s singing, but my mother’s voice alone.  Pure, strong, beautiful.

This picture is of my dear wife, Becca, holding our newborn grandson, Charlie, in St. David’s North here in Austin.  His brother, Forrest, was so excited to meet the little brother he’d been awaiting for so long.  Just out of view is their radiant mother, Marie, drinking in the miracle of it all.

Charlie is now closing in on 2 years old.  Yesterday in a phone call he wished a Happy Birthday for the first time to anyone.  The lucky recipient was my 91-year-old mother.  Sunday she’ll be having a Happy Great Grandmother’s Day!

I ran across a litany for Mother’s Day by Pastor Julio R. Vargas-Vidal from Puerto Rico on the United Methodist Church’s website. Each line brought another memory to light. May my reverie instigate your own!

— Pastor Chuck

Mother’s Day Litany:

Leader: Mothers come in many different forms, and today we celebrate them all!
All: Thank God for mothers!

Leader: Everyone here is either a son or a daughter.
All: Thank God for my mother!

Leader: For those women who have joined God in Heaven and whom we miss dearly here on earth.
All: Thank God for the mothers of the past.

                                          Gram (my wife’s mother)- whose lessons were legion.  A kind, warm, welcome for all.

                                                      Gan (my mother’s mother’s mother) – strong, independent, adventurous.

                                                                     Grandma Vera (my mother’s mother)- strong, indomitable, gentle

                                                                                   Mimi (my father’s mother)- brilliant, driven, proud

Leader: For every woman who is working day and night to raise her children right now.
All: Thank God for the mothers of today.

                                        Marie (our daughter)- wise beyond her years, strength giving, deeply seeing

                                                    Katie (our niece)- Demonstrating power to love & juggle & cope so well

Leader: For all the women who are expecting, but aren’t quite mothers yet!
All: Thank God for the soon-to-be-mothers.

                                      Vicki O.- Ready to share a loving strength with her child

                                      Emily H.- Will be such a caring and competent mom

Leader: For the women who took in others’ children through adoption and foster care.
All: Thank God for the mothers with hearts so big.

                                     So, so many

Leader: For those women who have lost a child to death and must carry on.
All: Thank God for the mothers who are so strong.

                                    An inestimable loss and unremitting pain

Leader: For all the women who have desperately wanted to have children of their own, but chose instead to mother everyone else.
All: Thank God for the mothers in spirit.

All: We thank you, Lord, for the women who have influenced our lives in so many ways. We pray that we will honor them in everything we do. Amen.