We are pleased to offer an online giving option. For further questions or alternate forms of giving, we encourage you to contact our office.

Donating money is hard. We don’t pretend like everyone has an equal amount to give away, or that everyone feels compelled to give at the same rates/amounts/percentages. Money is a deeply personal aspect of our society, and we respect that. In fact, it is because giving our money away is difficult and personal that we respect the concept of giving so highly. Jesus talked often about giving, not in a way that induced shame, but in a way that empowers us to action. Whether we have very little or quite a bit, whether we feel secure or feel stretched thin by student loans and the ever-growing cost of living, we are all called to give away money because it connects us intimately with those around us. At UCC, we encourage everyone to find what is important to their lives and to give it away – the harder it is to sacrifice, the more we stand to gain. For those that choose to give, and who wish to give online, we provide a secure option here. For those who still struggle with the capacity to give monetarily, we invite you to consider our other forms of giving on our Outreach page. All of us have something worthwhile to offer the community and Kingdom, and our role as a church is to help you find a way to see how useful and valued you are right where you find yourself.