Sermons by Topher Endress


Surprise! It’s Judgement Time.

Speaker: | November 26, 2017

Matthew 25:31-46   Surprise! It’s Judgement Time   In his book “Outliers,”author Malcolm Gladwell explores the history of familial violence in rural Kentucky and Virginia, linking together the murders between clans from the Hatfields and...


Risk and Boredom – Evangelism Today

Speaker: | June 25, 2017

How do we think about evangelism? What is it, and how have our experiences with evangelism shaped our present willingness to engage? This sermon by Rev. Topher Endress asks deep questions about our fears and...


Choice and Obligation

Speaker: | May 14, 2017

14.May.2017 1 Peter 2:4-10 Choice and Obligation Mothers introduce us to the world   It’s Mother’s Day. To be a mother, or just, to mother someone, is a pretty big concept – it looks very...