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Oct 2017

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, plenty of us in Austin had family and friends that needed our help. Houston, Corpus Christi, Victoria, Port Arthur, Port Aransas, Beaumont, Rockport – these are places we know and love, and it was easy to justify spending our days in an emergency shelter for evacuees and planning day trips to help with clean-up. The need was real, and we felt it. Hurricanes Maria and Irma, however, didn’t hit Texas.┬áBut even though the areas they hit are much further away, and even though far less of......

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Aug 2016
Pokemon Go, Nostalgia, and Young Adults in the Church

If you have looked outside recently, you will have noticed that hoards of young people are walking aimlessly throughout the parks, streets, and even maybe your lawn, all over the city. This is a country-wide epidemic, in fact, stretching far beyond Austin and into even the furthest reaches of America’s beautiful lands. Though it may look like the zombie apocalypse has hit us, the reality is far more intriguing. Pokemon Go, a very simple app, has taken the 30-and-younger crowd by storm. Parent company Nintendo has gained 20 BILLION in revenue, and......

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