Deeper than politics, education, life experience, or even theology, there is something about God that grabs each of us and draws us together as a community. We are a family, learning how to love, serve, and mentor each other as we learn about our faith. This church is our way of gathering together to engage the Divine and encounter Christ in challenging – but meaningful and powerful – ways.

From the suburbs in the north to the high-rise condos of downtown, from UT’s dorms to the countryside on the outskirts of Austin, we have members all across our city. We gather in the heart of the capital, but our hands touch lives across the world. Our ministries are local and international, and we believe that the power of the Church lies not in how many are gathered on a Sunday morning, but in how invested we are in the lives around us.

We have a vision that the world might be radically changed if we were truly able to live into the people we were created to be – and we think that God has big plans to bring restoration, hope, and healing into the world through people that the world might not recognize as the typical leaders. We are here to serve, to connect, to educate, to lead, to follow, and to learn, but most importantly, to love.

University Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
2007 University Ave.

Austin, TX 78705


(512) 477-6104